Nice Exhibit
Nice Exhibit

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1) Why are you exhibiting?
     To launch new products, qualify leads, fill orders, or just be seen, we want to get
     a basic feel for the products/services your going to promote.

2) Do you have an existing exhibit?
     Are there things about your old exhibit that you love, hate, want to change?

3) Who will you be presenting this design too?
     Whether your an Agency, CEO, Trade Show Manager we're here to help.
     We will provide you with a complete design package to make your job easier

4) Who are your competitors and what sets your company apart?
     We want to know what makes you special?

5) What size floor spaces have you booked? Do you have parallel

     Just so we can get a feel for what type of exhibiting program you've created.

6) What do you need in your exhibit?
     Please check any of the following functional areas that you would like in your new

Graphics Copy Panel Storage Room (lockable) / Storage (lockable, under-counter)
Graphics/Murals Product Displays or Kiosks
Literature Handouts Computer Workstation Areas
Stage for Live Presentation Conference Room (Private)
Product Display (locked, static) Conference Area (Semi-Private)
Specialized Lighting Flooring
Reception Counters/Lead Imprinting Area Extra Storage for Giveaways, Literature and Brief Cases
Special Electrical/Plumbing Needs Interchangeable Graphics
Monitors additional needs*

     *Any additional needs. Such as literature shipping.

7) Do you have an idea of the way you want the exhibit to look and work?
     What's the most important piece of information you want visitors to learn from this exhibit?
     Do you have a headline or theme you want to incorporate?

8) What is the budget for construction?
     Without a budget we have no guidelines to design your exhibit. We could guess, but we just
     end up designing it twice. CLICK HERE to view budget guidelines

9) How can we contact you?
     Fill in your name, title and contact info and we'll contact you!

Your Name Title
City State
Email Web
Telephone Fax

10) When do you want to first use your new exhibit?
     Let us know when and where your planning on showing your new booth.


Nice Exhibit